Why social media advertising is still a good idea for your business

Feb 16, 2023 | by Lakia, Content Marketing, Digital Agency, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Social Marketing

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Do you have a business and wonder why social media advertising is still a good idea? There are so many different platforms to choose from that it can be challenging to decide where to begin. The answer is simple: social media advertising. By taking advantage of the reach and visibility that social media can provide, businesses can increase their brand awareness, build relationships with customers, and grow their customer base. Facebook dominates social awareness advertising and should be a part of any business’s marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about why social media advertising, Facebook (Parent of the Meta Conglomerate), should be essential to a business’s marketing efforts.

Facebook For the Win!
After all, who notices the ads? According to US respondents, Facebook ads are still considered the top social platform for prominence by more than half of surveyors when considering the subsidiary platform Instagram as the social platform where they notice ads most. Is it because of the gap of apparent vs. indistinct in ad delivery compared to competitor platform Twitter where only 18% of respondents noticed ads on the platform?

Infographic: Facebook Ads Are the Most Noticeable | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Here are a few More Reasons Why We Champion Facebook for Business

70% of Adults use FB
Even with the rise of TiK Tok, Adults spend more time on FB. 
FB is popular among all adult demographic cohorts.

If you are still debating whether or not your company should use Facebook, contact Comporium Media Services to discuss.