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What is Listing-Reputation Management?

Comporium Listing-Reputation Management makes you an active participant in the online conversation surrounding your business. Being aware and involved gives you a great opportunity to address issues, generate consumer confidence, and elevate your brand’s profile.

Why Is Listing-Reputation Management Important?

Your business’ online reputation is more important than you may think. Your customers are talking about the services you provide and without question, they post reviews online that can both help and injure your business. Having insight and rapid response to those reviews and your online listings is the top priority to ensure that your reputation is upheld to the highest standard.

How Does It Work?

Maps and Navigation

Have you ever tried to pull up a business’s location on your phone or GPS device only to find that the address was incorrect or outdated? Maybe it wasn’t actually the fault of your GPS or Navigation system; maybe the business failed to update their location data online. The Listing-Reputation Management solutions will manage and keep your location(s) data up to date and easily findable.


It may sound like common sense but ensuring that your basic business information like name, address, phone number, and email are correct online is critical to helping customers get in touch with you. Managing your data across the internet on major listings sites can be a lot of work so that’s why our Listing-Reputation Management product sets up, manages, and keeps your listings up to date and easily accessible to your customers.

Reputation and Reviews

A business’s online reputation is everything. The digital age has made “word of mouth” marketing easier for customers to be transparent about their opinion, whether good or bad, about a business. Listing-Reputation Management helps you manage your online reputation on blog sites, PR sites, and review platforms like Google, Bing, Yelp, and Angie’s by providing quality customer service and responding to your customers in a timely way.

Social Media

Most business owners view social media as a waste of time and something more of a trendy gossip forum. But despite the fact that social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be a mixed bag of opinions, it has become critical for businesses to not only have an account on these platforms but to actively communicate and learn from their customers. Social engagement helps to build your ideal audience, gain insight from their likes and dislikes, and better market your business.
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