Objective-Based Marketing

Using curated data to identify and connect with a qualified target audience is a formula that transcends industries. TractAds is versatile enough to deliver the desired results, regardless of the business arena or objective.

What is Objective-Based Marketing?


Online Conversions

Great for lead-generation businesses like lawyers, consultants, and B2B.


Phone Calls

Ideal for service businesses like plumbers, electricians, etc.


Physical Store Visits

Best for restaurants, grocery stores, car dealerships, and other businesses where customers visit in person.


E-commerce Sales

Perfect for any business with an e-commerce component.


Brand Awareness

Great for putting a brand top-of-mind as a prelude to future shopping needs. Ideal for new businesses, specific sales/promotions, clothing brands, and restaurants.


Social Media Growth

Best for brands producing a significant amount of content that includes a visual element like fashion, beauty, and home building and interior design.

What Solution Are You Interested In?

Multi-Location Solutions

TractAds gives businesses with multiple locations the ability to incorporate actionable prospect data into one platform and then create and manage their collective marketing efforts from a single hub.


Comporium gives advertising and marketing agencies the ability to include TractAds as part of their service mix. For small to mid-size agencies, it’s the chance to offer a breakthrough marketing solution with minimal exertion and overhead.

Tract Ads


TractAds gives savvy marketers unprecedented access to the online and offline behaviors of their desired target audience. With this insight in hand, TractAds can deliver the right message at the right time across multiple platforms to the qualified prospects who are most likely to visit, call, click and buy.

Discover how TractAds makes marketing far more data and target-driven and thus far more likely to succeed.

Define The Objective

A TractAds campaign is built to satisfy one clearly defined objective. For instance, to generate more in-store visits. Or to achieve more e-commerce sales. Marketers with various objectives can easily create multiple TractAds campaigns to address each one.

Advanced Audience Targeting

TractAds has the unique ability to curate offline and online data to glean vital information about a selected target audience. Data points include the target audience’s habits and behaviors, where they shop (both on and offline), and demographic data like age, gender, occupation, etc.

Multi-Tiered Delivery

With a clear objective and a detailed understanding of their target audience, marketers can use TractAds to deliver custom display, video, and search ads across multiple devices and platforms.

Personal Injury

Objective: Online Conversions

Scenario: A personal injury attorney wanted to get more qualified leads with either phone calls or online form fills to schedule a consultation. 1 year timeframe.

Results: We identified physical behaviors defined by the users’ mobile devices to infer that a person may have been injured and then presented display and search ads to influence an appointment as an online conversion.


Objective: Calls

Scenario: An HVAC contractor want to get more qualified calls from homeowners who needed A/C repair or were in market to purchase a new A/C unit. 1 year timeframe.

Results: The TractAdsTeam identified homeowners by the type of HVAC unit they owned and then presented display and search ads to influence an appointment as an phone call.

Life Care

Objective: Visits

Scenario: A life plan community with a mix of independent living apartment homes and assisted living suites needed to fill vacant units for long term life care.

Results: We identified the target audience by the behaviors of the adult child. The adult child was then remarketed to influence a scheduled appointment and then ultimately a visit to the property for a tour.

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