OTT/ Connected TV: How to Develop an Effective Strategy

Aug 17, 2022 | by Lakia, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Video Marketing

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With OTT (Over the Top) video becoming one of the fastest ways consumers are digesting media, it is no wonder why companies are allocating big dollars to their OTT marketing strategy. With no signs of decreasing appetite, OTT (streaming platforms and smart device services), a staple in how the world intakes media, is predicted to top nearly 4 billion by 920 million global subscribers by 2026

How do you develop an effective OTT/Connected TV strategy? Is there a formula for an effective strategy? Is it easy to put into practice, or does it require specific technical skills? These are some of the questions this blog post will answer, giving you insight into developing an effective OTT/Connected TV strategy for your business.

What Exactly Is OTT?

OTT entails streaming content (via a provider’s app or CTV), including film, television series, and documentaries over the internet that would traditionally be consumed on a linear platform, like your grandmother’s antique floor model big screen television. OTT allows you to watch whenever and wherever you would like. What a joy it is to watch Hulu on a flight or catch up on The Real Housewives via your Peacock App. 😉 And for the rest of you, watching college football around the clock on ESPN+ is a necessity, I know.

 How Do I Get In the Game?

It’s simple! Decide you want your brand (products and services) footprint in front of your customers whenever and wherever they are consuming media and are most engaged. BINGO! Oh, and did I mention that OTT advertising is a fraction of what it would cost on linear tv? BINGO AGAIN! Also, some providers (Comporium Media Services) can show your video ad to people who are only in the market NOW (within the past 30 days) for your products and or services. STELLER!

5 Tips to Jump Start Your OTT Strategy

1. Define Your Goal: Everything you do begins with a goal. What do you want to accomplish, and what impact will this have on your business?

2. Adopt an Audience 1st Approach: Goals can’t happen without the right audience. Okay, so you know what products and services you want to offer, but do you know the best way to reach potential customers? To best appeal to your audience, you must understand the person behind the purchase. We’ve published some content about this on our blog, or you can reach out to one of our sales reps for the best strategy.

3. Tell A Story: Be engaging and create a cohesive narrative. Once you have your audience, now you need to draw them in. Consider how your brand will integrate into some of the discovered trends before settling on one. You shouldn’t hesitate to tap into current trends in entertainment to reach your desired audience. Humor and dogs are usually effective in most situations.

4. A CTA is a MUST: Grab the reader’s attention and convey a “Call-to-Action” that intrigues and keeps your brand top of mind. Often the video is not clickable, so you want to speak something intriguing that engages your audience and keeps your brand top of mind. Make it memorable.

5. A/B Test: Truly a rule of thumb for all creative assets. Start with a few and optimize from there. Give it time, and let the data and marketing insights drive your next move. 

Bonus: Measure Results!

If you are still not convinced OTT should be a part of your marketing strategy, check out the top benefits based on a survey of over 100 marketing agencies.

• Precision and audience targeting
• Extended reach for linear tv campaigns
• Captures declining tv audience
• Provides the benefits of the tv with digital capabilities
• Reaches a highly engaged opt-in audience
• Solution to mobile/desktop privacy issues

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Remember, wherever and whenever there is internet streaming, there is OTT. Get started today with your OTT strategy. We are ready to help you!