How to Market to Millennial Moms, Women

Apr 29, 2022 | by Lakia, Digital Marketing

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As you consider your target market, one of the essential demographics is millennial women, especially millennial moms. “Millennial Moms” who is this? We soon observe the day that honors the sacrifices moms (which started May 12th, 1907) make for their children, I thought it was only fitting to learn about our largest living generation mom group, “Millennial Moms”. Let’s first take a step back and understand “Millennials”. Yes, it is a word we often hear, and likely many of the people we work with are from this demographic cohort.
If you are so lucky enough to know one personally or in passing, they will spill off a list of statistics that make them “special”. By the way, I happen to be one of them!
Sidenote: This is for the fur mama, too, considering millennials have the largest share of pet ownership.

First…Who Are Millennials’?

Perhaps thoughts of avocado toast, fur loving, never leaving the nest, being hit hardest by the Great Recession, and more recently by the global pandemic will pop into your head. There is more to this generation than you might have guessed. According to the latest census, Millennials are the largest living demographic. Estimated at 80 million, often noted for being markedly different from previous generations. So much so that it has changed and driven the way consumers buy; marketers across the globe have followed suit and adapted their methods, making this one of the most impactful marketing revitalizations in modern times. This generation is the first to grow up in the internet age (AKA digital natives), considers themselves the first global generation, and prefers to purchase from brands that are socially responsive and active. Millennials are now aged 25 to 41 years old.

Millennial Mom (Women) aka Queen of Multitasking
The Millennial mom is more ethnically diverse than those before her, late married, and less bound by gender roles. 30% contribute half or more to their household income. She is a part of the most financially independent, highest percentage of billionaires of any generation, and the most educated women generation in history. 7 out of 10 participate in the workforce. Although more likely to work than moms of the 1950s, she spends more time with her children and, like her predecessor prioritizes her children’s future
So, what is the best way to speak to this group that holds the highest percentage of disposable income? Below is a checklist of items to keep in mind as your business targets this “special” multitasking group of women.

 10 Tips Brands Should Keep In Mind When Marketing to Millennial Moms, Women

  • Be authentic. They are more untrustworthy than previous generations. 
  • Stand for something. They are more likely to do business with companies that align with their values.
  • Keep diversity top of mind. 
  • Create a Loyalty program. 77% are happy to join.
  • 81% say social media is the best way to reach them.
  • 90% of Millennial Moms say they share information online about purchases they have made. (Think social sharing & Reviews).
  • 8 out of 10 Millennial Moms use their mobile phones to shop.
  • 35% of Millennial women say social media and online interactions are key purchase influencers.
  • Remember Millennial Dads too.
  • Remember she has buying POWER so do not ignore her.

With the second Sunday in May approaching, keep Millennial Moms top of mind 😊 – this demographic may be just what you need for your next successful marketing campaign. Want to target Millenials? Comporium Media Services has ready-made audiences of over 8.4 million – powered by Mastercard, Datalogix, and Epsilon – that can be injected into your next digital or OTT. Don’t miss out on this lucrative demographic.