6 Tips to Ace Your Marketing Strategy During the January Sales Slump

Jan 16, 2023 | by Lakia, Digital Strategy, Uncategorized

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Rethink January
Happy New Year! The January sale is typically considered the slowest month of the year. The sales season kicks off at the end of November and wraps up in December, with December being the busiest shopping period of the year, or as marketers would say, from red to GO, black. With the right strategy, however, you can also make the most of January. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can impress during January, a traditionally slower period, and make the most of it with these few marketing hacks.

1. Offers and Deals-This is a good time to offer discounts and have a winter contest on social media with either weekly or monthly prizes.

2. Take Advantage of New Year’s Resolutions-It is the perfect time for you to promote your healthy and eco-friendly products and engage your social media followers with prizes. If you have no such items, giving away gifts will work too.

3. Sneak Peeks– Bring back your customers with a preview of new products after the holiday rush by releasing a promotional video on social media.

4. Use data to Your advantage and Leverage the Q4 Holiday Spike– Make sure you directly reach your new customers with email and ads (based on marketing insights) specifically targeting the products and services they seem most interested in. Furthermore, consider targeting sample giveaways or promotions for customers who made a purchase and are likely to need the product in the future.

5. Use Data to your Advantage and Leverage Holiday Quarterly– Make Q4 your holiday template. Plan holiday-centered promotions based on customer insights. Maximize contest impact across all tactics.

6. Budget (marketing) Like It’s Q2– Have the appropriate budget and rethink January as the competition is likely pulling back from marketing, so you can gain new clients now. Highlight your product and service sweet spots with localized campaigns.

Let’s Jumpstart 2023
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