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What’s the difference between a blog post and page?

A page on a WordPress site is a stand-alone, static, non-dated page such as About Us or Contact. This information does not change frequently, although it can be updated regularly. Pages don't usually allow comments. They are arranged hierarchically, while posts are organized by category.

A post is an entry on your blog page, dated and listed in reverse chronological order. They can be categorized and tagged, and are meant to be timely and social. Usually they are meant to encourage conversation and are often based on a single topic.

What does my Retargeting Display Performance Report mean?


Impressions are the number of times your ad is shown

Retargeted impressions are ads that have been shown to people who have previously expressed an interest in your business.

Display-Driven Search (DDS) detects how many people see your ads and then perform a search for your business/service.

Click counts occur when a person clicks on your ad to visit your site.

Total Clicks show the total number of people who have clicked on your ads including DDS.

How do I enter a blog post?

1. Log in to your WordPress site.
2. Go to Posts in the left column.
3. Title your post.
4. Write your content.
5. Use the Add Media button to add photos or other media.

Don't forget to SEO Your Post!

SEO your post by choosing a keyword, title and short description.

Choose the blue Publish button when complete.

Categorize your posts by type. When you finish writing your posts, just choose the checkbox at the right under Category. You can also tag them to help with search. Just add keywords to the Tags field at the right.



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