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TractAds allows our team to use advanced audience-building techniques to target your potential customers. We build an audience of potential customers based on their online behaviors combined with actual physical locations they have recently visited. This new technology allows us to use your customers’ buying habits, location, demographics and more to pinpoint exactly when to introduce your product or service in ways you have never attempted before.

What are TractAds?

TractAds combine the best parts of traditional digital advertising with a new way to target potential customers. Simply put, TractAds is a fresh take on:

Advanced Display Advertising

Make your ad spend go further by targeting the right audience for your display campaigns. Increase conversions by showing ads to users when they’re ready to buy.

Location-Based Targeting

Using mobile device data, we can target potential clients within 3 feet on the globe.  We then use this information to deliver ads based on where they have been, where they are going and how they behave.

Video Pre-Roll + TractAds

Don’t waste valuable dollars on your pre-roll advertising.  Know for sure that when your video is seen, it’s by someone that’s in the market for your product or service.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Don’t guess who your target audience isbe certain. One of the things that sets TractAds apart is our ability to segment your audience precisely.


TractAds + Search

Deliver your product exactly when it’s needed. Segment your potential clients by where they have been, and show them ads when they search for your product.


Over-the-Top Video Advertising

Advertise directly to a captive audience while they enjoy the shows and movies they already love.


Precise targeting using GPS coordinates. Accurate to exact store, lot and retail block.


Often referred to as geo-fencing. Only provides approximation, not exact location.

Unparelleled Precision /

Connect with your prospective customers like never before.

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