Is Your Website Ready for ‘Mobilegeddon’ ?

Apr 18, 2015 | Website Design

In just a few days (April 21st), Google will be changing the way it ranks websites in its mobile search results. If your website is not mobile optimized for user friendliness, then this could mean you become non-existent in mobile searches! Since mobile searches surpassed desktop searches in 2014, then this means it will have an impact on all business websites to some degree.

Why is Google making this change? Google’s changes to algorithms are always to try to enhance the user experience. Since the dawn of the smart phone, Google has been trying to make sure it can deliver the same experience to the end-user as it has with desktop search. Today the smart phone user expects to find relevant content quickly and content that can be read and interacted with seamlessly on their mobile device. If you have to pinch and zoom in on your website to read or navigate it toady…..your in trouble.

There is one easy way to find out if Google likes your site and if the changes are going to impact you negatively. Follow the link to Google Mobile Friendly Test and test your site. If you don’t like your results…..give us a shout and we will be happy to help!