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Get your message to exactly the right customers with Targeted Display Advertising.

Promote your brand with 6 professional, high-quality, rich-media advertisements for placement across the most popular sites on the internet, including MSN, Bing, Google, YouTube, ebay, Yahoo, Accuweather and many more. When customers in the geographic location you are targeting open one of these sites, your ad will appear. Built right into the ad is a link to your website. That traffic is tracked and you will have access to reporting. Contact your multimedia consultant when you want to change creative, targeting, budget and duration of your promotion!

Advertising Simplified.

Your Ads are created instantly from your own website content. You will advertise on premium destinations to target local audiences. You can reach thousands affordably!

Promote your content with customizable display ads. Call your multimedia consultant today.


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promote your brand with targeted display advertising
promote your brand with email marketing

Email Marketing

95% of Online Consumers use email and 91% of them check email at least once a day. Email is an important form of communication today and many people are constantly checking their inbox whether at work, home or on their mobile device. Once you have connected with a consumer once... the best way to get repeat business is to stay in touch or nurture that customer by offering specials or making them aware of new products and services.

With email marketing, you can be sure you’re adding new customers, connecting with existing customers, building customer loyalty and generating repeat business all year long. With 2 million emails being sent every second, it’s easy to see why you need to tap into this traffic.

• Distribute newsletters, coupons and special promotions
• Thank your customers for their business and build relationships
• Track results

Our Email Services include:

• Email Template design to be consistent with your website or marketing brand.
• Placement of your “Email Subscription” button on your website.
• Data management for your distribution list.
• Safe Subscribe verification for your client’s safety.
• Monthly reporting on your traffic.


Video Marketing

Video is exploding across all devices and connecting with all ages. Having video in front of your potential customers helps increase the understanding of your product or service by 74%. Websites or Local Search sites that include video on their business pages typically convert to actions such as phone calls, visits or purchases 40% to 60% greater than those without.

Comporium Media Services can help your business build videos that help you tell the consumers in your market what you're all about and why they should do business with you. We will optimize your videos for best possible search engine results and give you the tools to share your videos across social sites, websites and local search sites.

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