Connect With Customers


Social media is everywhere.

Make sure you have the best social media presence that you can. We can help you send out meaningful campaigns on your schedule, and discover real-time leads in social media. When it comes to influencing purchasing decisions, social media is increasingly relevant, and you have many options for reaching your customers. From social sites to email to text messaging, we can help you connect with your customers.


Online users who count on social media when making a purchase decision


Internet time spent on social networking sites


Facebook users who expect a same-day response


Twitter users who expect a response to a complaint or question within the same day

Build a strong social media presence.

With our social marketing software:

  • generate leads with geo-targeted Twitter searches
  • build fans with our ready-made content
  • reply directly to customers across multiple social platforms.... all from one dashboard!
  • compose and schedule posts

Build your fanbase. Schedule posts. Quickly respond to customers. Generate leads. We can help.


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connect with customers with email marketing

Use Email Marketing to stay in constant touch.

95% of Online Consumers use email and 91% of them check email at least once a day. Email is an important form of communication today and many people are constantly checking their inbox whether at work, home or on their mobile device. Once you have connected with a consumer once… the best way to get repeat business is to stay in touch or nurture that customer by offering specials or making them aware of new products and services.

With email marketing, you can be sure you’re adding new customers, connecting with existing customers, building customer loyalty and generating repeat business all year long. With 2 million emails being sent every second, it’s easy to see why you need to tap into this traffic.

• Distribute newsletters, coupons and special promotions
• Thank your customers for their business and build relationships
• Track results


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SMS Text Messaging can deliver immediate messages.

SMS stands for short message service, is often referred to as texting and occurs between mobile phones. Text messages are usually around 160 characters in length. They are an affordable way to communicate, they are immediate and they have very high open rates. Due to their conciseness and limited character length, they are short and the point -- precisely why their open rate is so high.

With a sense of immediacy and the ability to deliver personalized content with great reach (and even greater response) than many other mediums, SMS is a great communications channel for direct marketing campaigns, competitions, market research and more!


All SMS Text Messaging packages come with a custom marketing kit, including posters, table tents, signs and more. All branded to match your storefront.


Customers love coupons. Make yours "Smart"!

Customers respond to Deals and Coupons. Digital/Text coupons are easy to deploy, target and redeem for the business and the customer. The latest statistics show that 39% of shoppers today are using and look for digital coupons to use for in-store purchases. You have the ability to set the number of coupons allowed to be redeemed. This means you can create a sense of urgency. Send out 1,000 offers and promote that the first 200 can be redeemed. This puts the power in your hands to drive the right amount of traffic when that traffic is needed. You can set the redemption days to be “Today” or with an expiration date. You control all these options with our easy to use “On-Demand Dashboard.”

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