At Comporium Media Services, we take a 4-pronged approach to helping small- to medium-sized businesses grow and manage their business on the Internet.

With so many options for getting your business found online, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and miss a valuable opportunity. We will help you integrate solutions into a custom advertising package that meets your unique needs.

Robust digital solutions can also benefit from branded print collateral. Allow us to help with local search, direct marketing, and other advertising pieces to complement your digital agency package.
Reach your customers where they are.

Want to know more about our approach to helping small- and medium-sized businesses reach their digital marketing goals?


The first step in building your online presence: a website that is responsive, optimized and branded to show customers who you are, generate leads and keep customers engaged. Reliably address listing data accuracy for your business, as well, and we have taken the first step in building a successful online advertising strategy. Read more.


Get your brand in customers’ minds BEFORE they’re ready to buy and WHERE they spend their time. With email marketing, targeted display, coupons, SEO, SEM, and a strong local search presence, you can reach customers and influence their decisions to choose your products and services. Read more.


Your online reputation is more important than you may realize. How do you manage it today? Find out what people say about you online; connect and respond to your customers effectively with social setup, social marketing, and robust monitoring of your online mentions and reviews. Increase YOUR reach. Read more.


SUCCESS! Now it’s time to manage your virtual doorway. Focus on growing your business, knowing your presence is solid, your reputation is monitored, and you are engaging effectively with your customers! Read more.

To manage your digital presence, we offer a comprehensive suite of products and services.

Website design

Get on the web. Choose from business card sites or page multi-web sites with custom forms, video, image galleries, e-commerce shopping carts, dot-com email addresses and traffic reporting. Get professional design, mobile- optimization and regular updates all for a monthly subscription fee.


Search Engine Optimization is also a part of doing business. Not only do you need to have a website, but you also need to be found. Our SEO experts take a different approach. Keywords, rankings, and organic traffic are important but only important if they result in engagements and conversions. In other words, do they result in new customers for your business. Our SEO experts take the time to understand your business and how SEO can be used to drive real customers to your business.

Local search is a "Local Search Engine" built to give the consumer easy and effective keyword-driven results for local products and services. Businesses can provide coupons, maps to their location, video business messages, and contact information and anchor them all to a Business Profile Page on

Listing management

Reliably address listing data problems for your business, whether you are a small business or a large brand. Update your listing information with the four major data providers, which are trusted by over 300 online directories, review sites, search engines, GPS services and more. There are many key benefits of accurate business listings.

Email marketing

We offer Opt-in email database management. Provide a list, start growing one from your website, or begin collecting from your customer base. Stylesheets are created by professional designers. Campaigns can be managed weekly or monthly. Send Newsletters, special offers and deals, company announcements, customer appreciation... any message you want to send.

Social media

Social media marketing is a rapidly-growing and effective platform. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can help you succeed by making your business visible on the sites potential customers are referencing more and more for info on businesses, products and services. Business Pages on Facebook are always active, available 24/7, and keep your brand in the minds of customers.

More than a promotional delivery vehicle, your Social Media profiles are a tool to build relationships, remind customers of who you are, and potentially provide a step up on your competitors.

Reputation management

With Real-time email alerts for any mentions, reviews or social network comments about your business. You can spend more time focusing on your business and less time worrying about your rep online. Your business profile is submitted to the top 25 search engines, directory sites and social networks. You can also see to your competition on the web, and it is all tied into a local Business Center that the advertiser has access to 24/7.

Print advertising

Yellow page directory ads take advantage of new technologies with QR codes and text marketing. The York County directory publishes in September and the Lancaster County book publishes in March. Both are offered online via

Video marketing

Video produced for the web: Place your video on your website, MakeitLocal profile, social site and on cable tv.

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