Print Advertising

Yellow Page Directory Advertising

For over 100 years, Comporium Media Services has been at the forefront of connecting local businesses with consumers through yellow page directory advertising.

In many ways, telephone directories were the very first local search engines. Today’s phone book directory advertising still puts you at the fingertips of customers when they’re ready to buy but also incorporates digital marketing to give you the best chance for attracting and retaining business.

All of our print directories are published and distributed once a year but are continually updated online via This means you no longer have to wait a year to get in front of your local telephone company’s subscribers.

We take advantage of new technology such as QR codes and text marketing to make your telephone directory advertising interactive. These tools give you the opportunity to keep your print advertising up-to-date through offers and updates.

Our sales representatives have years of experience in print and digital marketing and work onsite in your community. They’ll assess your needs and recommend a marketing mix that will reach the right people at the right time through the right channels.

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