Hiring with 3rd Party Data: How to Find the Best Candidates

Mar 6, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy

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In today’s digital age, the ability to make data-driven decisions has become increasingly crucial for businesses to remain competitive. This is especially true regarding hiring, where utilizing third-party data can provide invaluable assistance in making the best hiring decisions. TractAds is a powerful solution that harnesses the power of third-party data, meeting potential employees at every digital touch point and empowering targeted and informed hiring decisions. Here are five compelling reasons why TractAds is the solution for leveraging 3rd party data in your hiring process.

The Solution

1. Reducing Hiring Bias: Hiring Bias can be a significant issue for many organizations, leading to hiring the wrong candidate or even legal challenges. TractAds uses third-party data to evaluate the candidate’s profile, eliminating any subjective bias in the hiring process.

2. Access a Wider Talent Pool: Traditional job postings may not always reach the desired audience. TractAds uses third-party data to identify and engage passive job seekers, providing access to a broader talent pool.

3. Improve Recruitment Efficiency: Using third-party data, hiring managers can narrow their search to candidates more likely to be a good fit, saving time and resources. TractAds enables recruiters to reach out to candidates with the right skills and experience, making the recruitment process more efficient.

4. Enhance Candidate Targeting: Third-party data can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s behavior, interests, and demographics. TractAds utilizes third-party data to provide a deep understanding of the candidate’s profile, enabling recruiters to create a more targeted and personalized job ads that are more likely to attract suitable candidates.

5. Improve Retention Rates: High turnover can be costly for organizations, and hiring the wrong candidate can lead to employee dissatisfaction and, ultimately, turnover. Third-party data can help identify candidates more likely to stay with the organization for the long term. TractAds uses third-party data to analyze candidates’ profiles and assess their suitability for the role, leading to better retention rates.

Hire Smart

In summary, if you’re looking to leverage the power of third-party data in your hiring process, TractAds is the solution you’ve been searching for. The platform’s ability to reduce hiring bias, access a wider talent pool, improve recruitment efficiency, enhance candidate targeting, and improve retention rates makes it an invaluable asset to any organization.

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