For many years, Yellow Page directory advertising was the bread and butter of our business here at Comporium Media Services. Over the years, you’ve probably heard that “no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore.” It’s true that the print directory business is changing. However, Yellow Pages are still a relevant part of any company’s advertising strategy.

First, let’s address the assumption that no one uses the Yellow Pages. Many people may say they don’t use them if asked directly. But studies show that Yellow Page advertising is still highly effective for major life events or event-driven decisions. This includes big ticket purchases and services like roofing, heating and air conditioning equipment, plumbing, and hiring an attorney. Print telephone directories are always there. They’re ready to promote your business at the exact moment consumers are ready to buy.

Next, let’s look at the consumers who do use the Yellow Pages. According to a study from CRM Associates, “People over the age of 50 own over 80% of the nation’s financial assets and earn half of the nation’s disposable income. This is a generation that grew up with the Yellow Pages and continues to use it.”  If you don’t advertise in your local telephone directory, you’re likely missing this lucrative demographic. Baby Boomers have disposable income and are ready to spend it. Consider how your current marketing plan will reach them.

Of course, we understand that you can’t carry a phone book with you everywhere you go. That’s why we also offer digital listings as a companion to our print advertising. Our online Yellow Page platform, MakeItLocal.com, delivers the same accurate information as our print directories. Our data is managed by real people who are familiar with your geographic market and your customer base.

The bottom line is simple: Find ways to put your company in front of potential customers wherever they may be looking for you. At Comporium Media Services, we can get you in front of your target audience through print and digital advertising, video marketing, television advertising, and more. Not everyone has all of these capabilities—and they certainly can’t deliver the local focus that we’ve specialized in for over 100 years. Contact us today to ask a question or get a quote for any of our services.