Online Display Advertising

Jul 29, 2015 | Targeted Display

In the advertising industry some marketers have become passionate about their view or stance about Online Display Advertising. Either love it or hate it. It has almost become a divide in the advertising industry as much as politics have divided us as a nation today. If you say you’re a democrat then you must be a bleeding heart liberal. If you say you’re a republican then you must be a right-wing conservative. Typically in the industry today if you’re in the Paid Search business you hate Online Display advertising and give not credit to it as lead generation. If you’re in the Online Display advertising business you say Paid Search is over priced and does nothing but suck an advertising budget dry. The debate reminds me of years past when our yellow page salespeople discounted television advertising as an effective media to generate real leads. Our television advertising salespeople said yellow pages advertising was over priced and did not really account for where the intent started before a potential customer picked up the telephone directory. Bottom line is they both had their place in an effective marketing campaign. Each media served its purpose to help the other get the best ROI for the advertisers budget. Online Display Advertising and Paid Search also have a place in a marketers budget in this day and age.

See the article from Advertising Age about how one of the nations largest skin care brands tracked their interactions and results with Online Display Ads and Paid Search. The results showed that the two actually worked together for the greater good. Imagine that….two parties coming together to serve the greater good!