How Can Accelerated Mobile Pages Help Market Your Business?

Nov 15, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Website Design

In our last post, we introduced you to a new tool to improve the performance of your website on mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) use cutting-edge technology from Google and other partners to deliver content on smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. If you have a website for your business, you may be wondering exactly how this benefits you. Here are some ways we anticipate using this technology to help our customers reach more people and build their businesses through our web design services.

First, AMP will help your website load faster on mobile devices. This means you’ll be reducing frustration for people who access your site. They’ll be more likely to visit your page again and will have a better impression of your company. You never know what may be the deciding factor when they choose who to do business with.

But the benefits of a fast-loading site don’t end with your consumers. Site speed is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Although using AMP won’t necessarily boost your ranking in and of itself, the increased speed may have a positive influence on where you show up in search results.

Finally, using this state-of-the-art tool will show that your business is at the forefront of technology. We recommend that you take advantage of every possible way to make your website perform better. There’s no downside to a site that loads fast and looks good on any mobile device.

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