7. Include Any Necessary Extras

Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. What else might they possibly need before submitting their contact information or picking up the phone? Make sure it’s included.

6. Establish Credibility

Use testimonials, customer reviews and recognizable partners to reassure your audience that you can be trusted when they reach out.

5. Convey A Clear Call To Action

Summarize the offer and bake it into the button or text before the phone number. Make it as desirable as possible for the visitor to take the next step.

4. Make It Easy To Follow Through

Choose exactly how visitors will contact you to take advantage of what you’re offering. Make a call? Fill out a form? Download a coupon? Just make sure it’s clearly one thing. Too much choice will cause some visitors to leave.

3. Deliver A Great Value Proposition

What’s in this for your target audience? Offering them something valuable that they want or need is the best way to get them to call, sign up, or submit their contact information.

2. Include Key Branding Components

Your landing page should look and feel like the rest of your branded materials. We’ll incorporate your logo, tagline, colors, and imagery to help you stay consistent with your brand standards.