Business Listing Accuracy Matters!

May 5, 2016 | Listings Management

It used to be that customers looking for your services had one place to turn to: the Yellow Pages. Local businesses were neatly categorized, just waiting for someone to pick up the phone and call for service. While print directory advertising is still alive and well, the process of getting your business found has become slightly more complicated. Today, businesses all over the world are accessible through a single online search or via an online business directory. Potential customers can find you faster, but they must also sift through incorrect or outdated information. This is why it’s important to be consistent with your business listing.

For example, there may be more than one business with the same name. A Google search for “Joe’s Pizza” returns 3.4 million results! These searches can give your customers results from many different cities. Likewise, incorrect information may send a potential customer to your former location or to an address that’s totally wrong.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to help local consumers find your business when they’re ready to buy:

  • Make sure your business name is always spelled correctly, including any apostrophes or dashes. As a rule of thumb, your business name should be listed to match the signage you have at your storefront.
  • Verify that your address is accurate, including street number and suite number. Do not list a cross street or landmark – be specific.
  • Use one local phone number.
  • Your website should also contain the same correct information and should be location specific when possible (one site per location).
  • Choose categories that are appropriate to your business and the services you provide.

Having an accurate business listing online helps consumers learn about you before they leave their homes and find you when they need your services. Make sure your customers aren’t sent to the wrong address or to the wrong website. Use our Reputation Management and Listing Distribution services to make sure your business is listed consistently online and avoid losing customers to your competitors.