Alphabet Inc.-Internet Marketing

Aug 18, 2015 | Local Search

Last week Google announced that they were streamlining their company by giving birth to a Parent company called Alphabet Inc. This new parent or holding company will separate Google, the core money-making business today, away from the side businesses that have distracted and in some cases sucked profits away from Google. We will see new companies spin-off under Alphabet Inc. that will no doubt be connected to the internet of things and other opportunities in the tech space.

What will this mean for local businesses and internet marketing agencies that make their living by helping these businesses get found and compete in the local marketplace? At Comporium we believe that Google will become even more focused on creating the best user experience across all devices and tighten down on local search results. This means businesses and internet marketing agencies listing data, business profiles, rich content and valuable consumer experiences from online reviews and ratings will become even more important going forward in helping local businesses get results and connect with consumers online. We also believe that Google will push more emphasis on Google My Business for local businesses to participate in its Ad Words program for pay for performance advertising.

Take a look at this article from Marketing Dive last week and see if you agree? If you are an internet marketing agency we would love to hear your thoughts as well. Comporium Media Services can help you as a local business or  an advertising agency get started or improve your company’s or customers online presence in local search today, just give us call!

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