How Do Accelerated Mobile Pages Enhance Website Design?

Oct 14, 2016 | Website Design

Let’s start with something you already know: Smartphones are popular. These devices are everywhere and people are using them in more and more ways. This includes using smartphones to access websites. However, sometimes navigating the Internet on a phone can be a frustrating process. Mobile website design hasn’t always kept up with the technology and habits of smartphone owners.

But there’s a new initiative that wants to change all that. You may have heard a new term over the last few months: Accelerated Mobile Pages. Also known as AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an exciting new technology that’s revolutionizing mobile website design. This feature allows sites to load incredibly fast with no fuss.

AMP is an open source project, developed by an online community of leaders in website technology with major support from Google. These experts are constantly evolving the technology to make it even better at serving up sites to your phone or other mobile device. “Amped” sites are already being served up in Google Search, Bing and Yahoo. You can visit theses sites from a Google search page by identifying any listing with the pasted-image-0-3 icon.

If your website contains text, photos, or other static content, it may be a good candidate for AMP. When this technology is added to your existing site, your mobile-optimized content will load instantaneously on all types of devices. It will look good, function correctly, and give your visitors a positive experience every time they pull up your page.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the future of mobile content. However, this update isn’t automatic. Making these changes requires technical know-how. That’s where the team at Comporium Media Services comes in. We’re evaluating and testing this new technology so that we can roll it out to our clients. It’s just one part of our complete website design and mobile media services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.