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A Lot of Who We Are Originates From Where We’ve Come

Even though Comporium Media Services is a progressive, multi-service agency, we have the old-school values of Comporium, our parent company, steeped in our DNA. Hard work, transparency, living up to our promises…that’s the only way we know how to do business. Which is probably why our clients stay with us for so long.

All The Resources You Need. All In One Place

When you work with Comporium Media Services, you have a full marketing team at your disposal, from creative teams and strategists to web developers and account supervisors. Even though we take great pride in our local roots, our team has a vast amount of experience helping to build some of the biggest, most recognizable brands in the country. We’ll bring our collective expertise to your business and use it to help you grow.

At Comporium Media Services, we have our own battle-tested process that’s designed to deliver the results and growth that our clients demand. We don’t want to just deliver you leads, we want to funnel qualified leads into your sales pipeline — and the better the lead, the better the chance for conversion. That’s what our process is all about.

We’ll listen to you and craft a message that will resonate with your prospective customers. Then we’ll create a brand look, feel, and content that conveys who you are, what you do, and why your prospects should care.

We’ll use your brand foundation as a springboard to create your company website. Not only will this website be the gateway to your company from a look and feel perspective, it will be fully optimized for SEO and programmed to capture visitor information.

Now that you have a focal point for all of your digital activities, we’ll implement a customized digital marketing strategy that will drive qualified traffic.

You have a brand. You have a website. You have traffic-generating tactics working to drive the right people to your new site. Now we’ll focus on converting that traffic into real customers.

Comporium began as a telephone company in 1894. At a time when few people saw the need for telephones, we were already busy burying poles and hanging lines. That same spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship has driven us for more than a century, and it hasn’t let us down yet. When you do business with Comporium Media Services, you’ll find that we’re not afraid to take the road less traveled — or even the road never traveled before — if it’s the best way to deliver the results you’re after.


When we started

This is the year Comporium (our parent company) was founded, only back then it was the Rock Hill Telephone Company.


Years we’ve been doing this

Through our company’s 125 years, we’ve stayed relevant by looking towards the future and being prepared for what’s next. We bring that same attitude to all our clients every day.

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